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Five Reasons to Order A Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Home Inspection Services of Southwest Florida

Five Reasons to Order A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

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Five Reasons to Order A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

October 13, 2020 ι Miriam S Montalvo

Property condition plays a key role when it comes to selling your home.  Buyers want to purchase a property that is well-maintained and free of major defects.  Ordering a pre-listing home inspection will help you better understand the actual condition of your home before listing your property for sale. 

Using Information from a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Most sellers research the market to learn about competing properties in the area. While it’s easy to focus on aesthetics and price per square foot, other factors should be considered to make a thorough comparison. These are the ways you can use a pre-listing home inspection at the beginning of the sales process.

1. Uncover Hidden Issues

Every home can have issues.  Manage the stress surrounding the sale of your home by completing a pre-listing inspection prior to listing your home for sale.  Creating a list of both minor and major repairs is a great tool that allows you to address the current needs of your home.  Repairs can all be completed without the pressure of a closing deadline, assuring items are repaired correctly and within your time-frame.   

2. Prepare Your Property to List for Sale

Create your own time-frame.  With your pre-listing inspection, a time-frame can be created to complete or forego repairs on your own timeline.  For larger repairs needing to be completed by a professional, you have time to shop around and find a contractor of your choosing.  Repairs can all be completed WITHOUT the pressure of a closing deadline, assuring items are repaired correctly and within your time-frame.

3. Understand the Financial Possibilities

Know your sales point.  While problems may not be serious enough to cause a cancellation of contract, the buyer can choose to negotiate for financial compensation or for the repairs to be performed before closing.  With your pre-listing inspection in-hand, what better time to work with your real estate agent to establish a sale price, while taking into consideration the condition of your home BEFORE putting the house on the market.  By ordering a pre-listing home inspection, you plan for the possibility of negotiation and prepare your finances ahead of time.

4. Buyer Confidence

Buyers can be skeptical about a home’s condition.  By offering a pre-listing inspection, a buyer can be confident with making an offer.  You may even see more buyers willing to accept the pre-listing inspection report and forgo additional inspections, moving the process along faster.

5. Protecting Your Investment

$100K in Warranty Coverage with Every Pre-Listing Inspection.  Why Home Inspection Services of SW Florida?  Our team is ready to assist you with your pre-listing inspection.  Our Certified Master Inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to assess your investment.  Plus, receive FREE with every Pre-Listing Home Inspection $100K in warranty coverage, offering you peace of mind.